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Another year gone

Well, we survived another new year's eve. When we move, I want to make sure we move to a place that doesn't allow fireworks. I have never been a fan, but after living here I am over them completely. So the war zone that was Kaneohe last night, is now quiet as everyone sleeps in. The dogs were freaking out, at least Lola and Bella were. Axl could not have cared less. We watched a movie, The Revenant, and what a humongous waste of time. It was just weird. The main character kept getting in all these horrible situations that should have left him dead but didn't. He was mauled by a bear, shot, went over a waterfall, just horrible things. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the end, so I don't know what happened to him. Not sure I want to know either.

After that, it was around 10 pm, we went to bed. The dogs seemed to like that better. Everyone was in bed together and seemed to calm down. At midnight we headed out the back door to watch the show. It was crazy. So many i…

New Years Eve

I have said this year after year after year, but I love new beginnings. The new year provides a great start for a totally new beginning.

I love this sentiment. Many times it is the past that drags us down. Thinking about our past and constantly reminding ourselves of it is a great way to ruin the future. 2015 was not the best year ever. It was pretty good, but definitely could have been better. So I'm dumping 2015 into the past and looking at tomorrow as a blank book. A new start. A whole new story to write.

This year will actually be pretty exciting. We will be gearing up to make the big move and I'm really excited about that. I do have some decisions to make this year. What am I going to do about my Ph.D.??? I honestly don't know. Really don't know. I'm aware that there are a couple of options and I'm going to try and get the money through the Hawaii Foundation, but I honestly do not know how it will work out. I'm open though. In many ways, I'm thi…


Why do I do the things I do??? Maybe a better question would be, why don't I do the things I want to???? I want to lose weight, so I eat crap and am gaining weight. I want to be more organized, so I sit playing games and not coming up with a plan. Ugh!!!! Why do I do this???? I wish I could figure it out and change it.
Okay, that's all. Just some whining today :)

Taking control

So, here's how it all went down. I was looking at homes in Mesquite, NV and they are lovely, absolutely lovely. As I was looking at them, I was looking around my house. How do I live in a house that nice when I can't keep this small place neat and clean. Trust me, my house is a mess and there are times when I feel that I don't know how to keep it clean. Then I think back on the times I did keep it clean, how nice it looked, and how much I enjoyed just being in the house. Then I think about the dogs and how with the dogs, I'll never truly have a super clean home. Then I think bullshit. Keeping a clean house is a skill like any other. A skill that I never really learned well. Hmmm.....Well, I can learn it. So I cruised on over to the Flylady, but she really is rather annoying; house blessing, swish n' swipe; whatever. But she did give me some ideas for keeping the place neat and tidy. I think in the new year, that will be my goal. A neat and tidy house. The flylady …

Start now

In spite of my cheery and upbeat post yesterday, I didn't do much. I spent about 4 hours grading finals and I still have 2 more to do. Ended up not eating lunch until 3 pm and that was cheese, salami, and crackers. It was good but not much and kind of late. Also, drank 2 Redd's Wicked Mango - yum!!!!! But then was a little tipsy for the afternoon. Didn't walk the dogs; my excuse was rain but I just didn't feel like it. Didn't run; my excuse was my foot, but really I just didn't feel like it. Took two naps; my excuses were 1) I needed a break from grading and 2) I needed to rest from the Redd's. Do you see a pattern here? Because I sure as hell do. That is why this motivational piece spoke to me so loudly. No more fucking excuses. I'm over it. I need to start being accountable and taking responsibility for the choices I make. The Choices!!! Not the Excuses!!!!

So, enough of that. I'm still sore from Saturday's WOD, the abs are screaming and …

At the starting line

That is how I feel. After yesterday's post and revelation to myself, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I'm at the start of something fabulous. What has also helped with this is knowing is Hubby 100% on board with it. Up until very recently, I wasn't sure if he was humoring me or not about this move. But in the last few days, he has made some comments that make me realize he is as serious about this move as I am. Yeah!!! So between that and the desire to be absolutely ready for this move, I feel like I'm on the starting line of something really big. If all goes according to plan, in 17 - 18 short months we will be out of here. Wow, it is so trippy to think about that. It has been a fabulous time, but it is definitely time to go. I have a feeling this is going to go faster than even I think it will. We have lots and lots to do in the meantime.

Moving on to yesterday. I went to Crossfit and the WOD was:

10 front squats
double unders
sit ups…