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Money Trouble

This is something I hate to talk about. Money. I'm not good with it. I was never taught how to handle it and I've made a lot of mistakes along the way. But over the years I've learned to be okay with it. Still not as good as seemingly everyone else in the world, but I get by. A few years back, my student loans were coming due. We were in far worse financial situation at that point, and I really wanted to get a Ph.D. I made the decision, probably a bad one, to go get my Ph.D. It would delay my student loans and when I had it I would make a lot more money and could pay my student loans. This was probably a mistake. But I did it. Well, in November I ran out of money to complete my Ph.D. and had to stop. I am now facing the repayment of my student loans starting up again. I am in a better financial position, but not that much better. So now I am facing that same situation again and I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

There are options and I'm just not sure which o…

Increasing Activity

This was my step count from yesterday. Highest day I've had in a long, long time, possibly a year or so. I'm very, very pleased with those numbers. There was a time when I would hit numbers like that all the time. Then I started Crossfit and that stopped happening. I realize now that when I started Crossfit, I thought that was enough. I really stopped moving outside of Crossfit. I really thought that Crossfit would be enough to keep me going. It was not. When I first started Crossfit and was losing all that weight, I also did not have a car and was riding my bicycle everywhere. I realize now that it was the bicycle riding that was helping me lose weight, the Crossfit just enhanced that. I had it backwards. It has finally hit me that moving; walking, biking, running, etc; is what helps you lose weight. It is definitely important to lift weights too, but movement is the key. Every single weight loss program that I have any respect for, tells you to get as much movement in as po…

Making Progress

I am proud of the progress I am making. I am not perfect. I don't do everything exactly right every single time. But I find I am making better choices more often than not and that my dear, is progress. This morning I will be walking 4 miles as part of my Great Aloha Run training. Ugh!!! I really don't want to and I keep telling myself I can do it tomorrow because it's a holiday. But NO!!! I will do it today. Just sticking to a plan I made is huge. And not something I've been very good at lately. So I will go walk in a few minutes. I wanted to blog here first.

A couple things I've noticed that indicate things are moving in the right direction. Without getting gross, there were parts of my body I was having a hard time reaching lately. Not a huge problem, but a problem at certain times. Yesterday morning I noticed that it was much easier to reach those parts. Hmmm...Then again this morning, it was much easier to access those previously difficult parts of my body. S…