12 March 2016

Highs and lows in rapid succession

Life is a series of highs and lows. Things go well, then they don't, then they do, and so on and so on........ Sometimes things go great for a while and you are all happy and then something happens and you get slapped in the face. That kind of happened today.

Things have been pretty darn good all week long. I've been hitting my macros and getting my workouts in and I've generally been feeling on top of the world. Then today I attempted 16.3. {slap}. It consisted of 10 power snatches and 5 jumping chest to bar pull-ups. The snatches were easy, I powered through them. The chest to bar pull ups? I got 2. And only because the judge agreed to those. I really got none. Wow, did that bring me down to reality really quickly. I got more down and more down and more down....... I mean really, really down. Like let me go crawl in bed and forget today ever happened, down.

Then, I realized I could handle this one of two ways. I could let it get me down and destroy everything I've worked so hard for this week. Or I could use it as a stepping stone to improvement. I couldn't do those jumping chest to bar pull ups because I have no upper body strength. That I can work on. It won't help me now, but it will pay off in the future. I've been thinking about starting a program where I do push-ups, curls, pull-ups, etc. at home. I think it is time to get that started. I don't want to be a games athlete, I don't even want to do muscle ups, but I would like to be able to do a pull up or two and maybe jumping chest to bar pull ups. So I will add that into my workout for next week. In the mornings I will do some treadmill work, ROMWOD, and an upper body program. Time to build some strength.

Still depressed but at least not as much. Time to go shower and put my cute little skirt thing on.....

07 March 2016

Some thoughts

It's bed time on a Sunday night and I probably should be going to bed and not blogging. But something has been rattling around my brain all day long and I need to get it off my chest. On Facebook I follow Heidi and Chris Powell of Extreme weight loss and Heide posted something today that kind of hit me. She said:

Many people THINK they want change, when really all they want is the end result of change, without having to actually change their actions and put in the work.

She went on further, but that first line resonated with me. I do want the end result of change, but I slack at actually doing the work to make the change. I find this odd because in other areas of my life that is not the case. So why do I resist the work required to lose weight? I know what it takes. I know how to do it. So why do I resist? Hmmmmmm......something to think about and consider and figure out how to stop. I did make steps in the right direction tonight. I made some more chicken, got my breakfast and lunch ready for tomorrow, and got the bird food ready. Now all I have to do in the morning is get up and workout. Nice.

06 March 2016

72 days

For the past 72 days I have been logging my food, weighing myself daily, taking measurements and pictures weekly. In that time I have lost 7 pounds and I have not been as strict as I should be. I have a daily goal for my fat/carbs/protein determined by my coach. I have not stuck to those numbers as closely as I would like to and still I've lost some weight. I would like need to lose more. But I have learned a whole lot in the past 72 days.

  • Eating a lot of protein, more than I think I need, really makes me feel good
  • Eating well makes me sleep well
  • Eating well gives me energy 
  • Eating well helps keep my mood up
  • Eating well just makes me feel good, really, really good

These are more than enough reasons to stick with the plan and eat well. Feeling good, sleeping good, having energy, yup more than enough reasons. But yet there are days when I don't eat well. I'm not sure why exactly, but I don't. For example, Friday night I was really, really tired. We had gone to a Santana concert on Thursday and I didn't get to bed until almost midnight. So Friday I was tired and by Friday night I was exhausted. I stopped at the store on the way home and got popcorn, nutter butters, and oreos. I at most of the nutter butters and a couple oreos. Oh, I also got a pint of ben and jerry's. Saturday, yesterday, I was still a little tired and really just wanted to lay around the house all day. But I got up and went to Crossfit for the open. I came home and had chicken and potatoes for breakfast. Never had any lunch and ended up eating popcorn and cookies. Had dinner, which was okay, and then had ben and jerry's later. Ugh!!! There was no reason for any of that except that I felt like it. Yuck.

So, my goal for this week is to stick to my eating plan. I don't have anything going on this week so it should be pretty easy to stick to it. I do have to make sure of a couple of things though. I have to ask Hubby what we will be having for dinner each night. I can plan my food perfectly during the day and then he has something for dinner that throws everything off. So I need to ask about that. I also need to plan the night before. Instead of getting up in the morning and trying to plan my food for the day, I need to do it the night before. This serves a couple of purposes. First, I get it done when I'm strong and not when I'm tired and easily influenced by cookies. Second, I have more time at night than I do in the morning. Third, getting it done the night before frees up some time to workout in the morning. Fourth, I can sleep in a little bit if my food is all prepared. Boom. Really good reasons to do it, so I'm going to do it.

So this week; hit my macros everyday and plan food the night before. Okay, off to Costco to make sure I have food to plan with.

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