25 March 2016

Things are picking up speed

Well, let's see if I can catch things up. We met with the Realtor on Tuesday, 22nd, and worked out a timeline. The house needs to get on the market in April. Yikes!!! It's the end of March. She wants the house cleared out, painted, and looking all bright and shiny. Oh my god!!! Do you know how much work we have in front of us? So it has begun. We've started clearing out under the house, packing up things we are going to take with us, get things set aside for a garage sale on the 2nd. OMG!!!! There is so much to do and when I have a lot to do I get paralyzed. I've been able to avoid that so far by just doing something. I'm not tackling any one thing in order but I'm doing things. I packed up some of my computer room, I've set aside some stuff for the garage sale, today I started packing up our knick-knacks from the living room. So no one room is finished, but progress is being made in every room. I figure if I just manage to get something done everyday, eventually it will not be overwhelming and I will get it all done.

On the job front, I never heard from the school who I interviewed with last week. He said he would get back to me by Monday and I've heard nothing. I tried to call and there was no answer. It really bothered me and I was kind of freaking out on Wednesday, totally freaking out. I could not settle on anything and all I could think about was this job, and getting a job, and what if I didn't get a job, and on and on and on....... Then Thursday morning, I had a great interview with the Tolleson high school principal and vice principal. It was really, really good. In fact, they wanted to know if I was in a position to make a commitment now; I thought that was a good sign. They will be checking references on Monday and then will get back to me. I have a good feeling about this one. I can also lay out a 1,000 reasons why this one would be better than the other one but that is just my mind justifying things. So I think that I need to be open to any place and every place will have its positives and negatives, so I'm not going to go into that. I'm just going to look up an area and see if it looks like a place I'd like to live. I can't be terribly choosy because I don't really know about all the different places. After I get there and we learn the areas, I may have different opinions but for now, I will just accept what comes along.

Other schools are also contacting my references, which I find very strange because they haven't actually spoken to me. Wouldn't you want to talk to me first? And wouldn't my references say really good things about me otherwise I would not use them as references??? This whole thing is bizarre. I'm not going to use someone who would say bad things about me as a reference..... I don't know, but they are contacting my references first and not talking to me. Interesting approach. But, whatever. I know something will come along.

Today was another story completely. I did a couple of boxes packed but I spent the majority of the day laying on the couch. Napping. Ugh. I feel bad because I didn't do much, but I really shouldn't. I've been busting my butt all week in spite of being on break. So taking one day to laze around and do nothing is not so bad. Jeez, it is spring break. So I'm not going to feel bad or beat myself up about it. I took a rest day and that is okay. I will kick it back up this weekend and get more done. Nuff said.

22 March 2016

Letting people know

Well, now that we are completely committed to this move, we are slowly starting to let people know. Hubby told one of his jobs yesterday and plans to tell the other today. We let the neighbors we like know. My boss knows. So word is getting out. When we told the neighbors that we like, we ended up with 2 people interested in buying the house. Now whether either one will work out, who knows, but it is a good start. If one of those works out, this could be the best possible situation for us. We could sell the house, get the money, and then rent it back until we leave. Boom. Perfect solution. Sure beats the hell out of trying to time the closing. So I'm optimistic. Trying not to get my hopes up too high, but definitely feeling positive about this whole thing.

As far as a job, I haven't heard from the one I really want and I'm kind of assuming that is not a good sign. So moving on, I have 2 job interviews this week. Not too shabby. One is for a school that runs year round - not interested. But, I would take it if nothing else came along. I wouldn't stay there long, but it would get me over there. Hopefully I'll find time today to send out a couple of apps. I'm shooting for 3-4 a week until something happens. There are a lot of jobs in Arizona, I just have to find one for me.

On the workout front, I'm off to Crossfit this morning. I was so sore yesterday I could hardly move, but today is better. I am still debating about walking over and back. Bleh....don't really feel like it. But I'll go and workout. When I come home I'm going to clean the kitchen/living room area. I want it to look presentable for the Realtor.

Okay, that's all I got. I'm going to get moving.

21 March 2016

Okay, time to kick things up a notch

I've been working with my nutrition coach for 11 weeks and really haven't lost that much weight. But, I'm not upset because I have learned a lot about myself in the process. I am basically breaking 56 years of habit so I expect it to go slowly. The thing is, I think I've got it mostly figured out so this week, while I'm home, I'm going to give it a real shot. So what does that mean exactly?

Well, hitting my macros. My macros are currently set at 165g protein, 160g carbs, and 60g fat. I rarely hit them exactly. Rarely. But this week I'm going to make an all out effort to do just that. I went to Costco yesterday and got chicken breast, lean ground beef, and shrimp. All lean sources of protein to eat. I am home so I'm going to take time to make my food everyday. If I find things I really like, I can do some food prep for the week.

Next is workouts. I did not do much of anything last week in terms of working out. Part of it was the start of spring break, being busy with all kinds of nonsense, and the emotional roller coaster that was last week. It was a tough week in many ways. I know I didn't get my exercise in, but I also did not just sleep on the couch like I really wanted to. So in terms of workouts I plan to go to Crossfit like 3 times this week. I was planning to go today but woke up to really sore legs from 16.4. They were really sore yesterday and I had hoped they'd be better today. Not so much. So I think 1 more rest day will suffice. Although today will not really be a rest day. I have some major housecleaning to do. The realtor is coming over tomorrow to look over the house and discuss the selling of this beast. I want the place to look presentable and right now it is not. So I will be working my butt off all day today and tomorrow to make sure it looks good. I'm going to use this cleanup to start purging things also. We have lots and lots of crap that we don't use and I think we can safely get rid of some of this stuff. So purging and cleaning will be the mantra for the next 2 days. It will be good. I was watching Hoarders and the psychologist said, that physical things - possessions -block emotional things. So it is time to divest ourselves of all the physical blocks we have.

This move is so exciting and so scary. I know myself and I know as we get closer I'm going to start second guessing this whole thing. I just have to remember that we did not jump into this without a lot of thought. When we moved here there was no thought and no real planning. We decided to go and 3 weeks later we were here. At least this move involves more careful consideration, planning, preparation, and forethought. It is so exciting and so freaking scary. Ugh!!! It will be good though. I know it. It is time to move on.

And for the last few years we have not been moving in a positive motion. We have been kind of stuck. Part of it is our as*hole neighbors. Part of it is ourselves. We let ourselves fall into this rut and we can't seem to get out of it. Well, this will get us out of it, that's for sure. So I am more than ready to move on.

Okay, enough navel gazing. I need to get the bird food ready, make my own breakfast and get this party started. I'm anxious to get the purging started.

20 March 2016

The emotional rollercoaster continues

So Friday night I was feeling a little better about the whole job thing, but depressed about the taxes. Oh, well, nothing can be done now. So made a plan for Saturday that I knew wasn't going to work as soon as I woke up. So I thrashed that plan and just did my normal thing. Ate breakfast and got ready to head out to CF. As I got to CF I get a message from an old co-worker. Seems the school in Arizona had called to my old place to get a reference. He spoke to my friend and not the crazy ass nun. My friend gave him a great reference and told him I was an awesome teacher. So I got a little hopeful for a couple of reasons. A) he called up there which means I have not been eliminated. B) he called up there on Friday which means I have definitely not been eliminated. So now I have hope again. Then came 16.4.

When I first saw 16.4 on Thursday, I freaked out a little. Here it is:

Workout 16.4
13-min. AMRAP:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups

That first move, 55 deadlifts, got me. My back does not like deadlifts. If I'm not careful, my back will seize up during deadlifts. Awesome!!! So I was kind of freaking out about this the entire week. Get to CF yesterday and am still a little freaked. Sign myself up for the 4th heat and get more freaked out watching people struggle with it during the first 3 heats. I was not looking forward to this at all. Finally, my turn came. I loaded the bar with 95# - definitely doing scaled - and cinched my belt up as tight as I could make it. Got through the 55 without too much trouble. I should note that I had a friend sitting almost in front of me yelling to bend the legs not the back the whole time. But honestly, I think that helped. Awesome!!!! Then it was on to the wall balls. Wall balls are wall balls. They suck and there is nothing you can do about it, just keep moving and get through them. I did. Then it was time for the rower. A 55 calorie row is a long row. You are looking at 6-8 minutes, depending on how good a rower you are. After 55 deadlifts and 55 wall balls, my arms and legs were shot. I could not get a good rhythm going and I kept stopping because I was exhausted. I ended up rowing 48 calories when time ran out. But I made it through alive and I'm glad about that. Last night though, I could feel my quad muscles starting to get sore. Woke up this morning and holy moly are they sore. Yikes. Going to be a relaxing day on the couch I think....

Okay, as usual, I feel better having gotten all this out. The more I stay in my own head, the crazier and crazier things get. This blog has been a sanity saver over the years and I'm not sure what would have happened without it.

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