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Habits Repeat

Why do i keep repeating my bad habits? Why? Why? Why?????

This week I had a number of interviews. I was getting up at 4 am to be ready to interview at 5 am. I had 2 schools I was really, really interested in. The first, Pointe School, I had the strangest interview with. The woman talked really, really fast and did most of the talking. She didn't ask me any of the standard interview questions, we basically just talked story for awhile. Then she decided she loved me and was ready to offer me a position. Weird. The good thing is that they had a brand new building with a brand new lab. Wow, how cool is that? But it was attractive because of the new lab. Then I had another school that I was really interested in. Heritage Academy is based on the principles of the founding fathers. Patriotism is huge in this school. I kind of like that because it instills a sense of morality in the students and I think that is really important. What really attracted me was the fact that they have a…

In so many ways, things are about to

This weekend was the first step in the great move. We had a garage sale. We had a lot of household stuff to sell and I honestly thought they would sell fast. Wrong!!! All the stuff that I thought would sell, didn't, and all the stuff that I thought was junk and tempted to throw away is the stuff that sold. Still we made about $350 which is not too shabby. So far it has paid for the paint for the inside of the house and will pay almost half of the POD delivery cost. So it turned out okay. We will probably have another garage sale before we leave but that one will be much smaller and only 1 day not 2.

Now we begin the work on the house. The spare room is going to be the first room we tackle. We are going to paint it and try to do something to the floors and then it will be used as the staging room. All the packed boxes will go in there and things from the other rooms as we work on them. This all starts this week. Next weekend we are rehoming the last 2 ringnecks so that means that…