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This last two weeks

Have been so busy, it is hard to keep track of the days. This happened this week. The POD arrived last Saturday and left on Thursday, half full of all our valuables. Ugh!!! The house is now seriously empty and we are going to start painting today. We need to get the house on the market. Soon. But there is still so much to do. I have been walking around like a zombie for the past couple of weeks. Not doing any work at school because I'm busy trying to organize things for the move. Talk about stress.

The good news is I have a job. Yeah. Don't know exactly what I'm teaching yet, but I have a job. It pays slightly more than I make here but the cost of living is so much lower there. We are also thinking of taking a long weekend there to just scope things out. I would like that and I know Hubby would like that. He is freaking out about where we will be living. I think that actually seeing it in person will help him a lot. Meanwhile, we are living with the bare minimum. It'…