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So many thoughts

There are so many thoughts flying around my head right now. I have trouble keeping them straight. There are just so many things going on. So let's see if I can get caught up.

Last weekend, after deciding that renting was the best way to go, we bought a house. I know, crazy, but that's the way things happen. It is awesome in a number of ways and I'm very excited about it. Last Saturday we had the home inspection on this place and there are a couple of major issues; namely the plumbing and the electrical. The buyers are asking for $7500 credit and I'm saying no. So we are in the process of negotiating that. We offered to split it with them and now they want a picture of the dryer. Whatever....... The home inspection on the home we are buying is this morning. It will be interesting to see what that says and how I react to that.

I guess I'm just different than other people. I just don't expect others to fix my problems - though I wish someone would once in a whi…

2nd day, 2nd walk

Woke up this morning and was eager to head out on my walk. After taking care of a few things, I showered, dressed and headed out. According to my Garmin, I walked a little be less (0.04 miles) but at a faster pace. The problem is, that is not completely true. I actually walked a little bit more, I took the long way around a store, but the point is I did it in less time today.

                          Yesterday:                     Today:
Time:                 1:00:23                          58:47
Avg Speed:           23:37                          23:21

Not too shabby for only 1 day. Now just imagine if I do this everyday. The improvements I will make :)

Time for food.