04 November 2016

Getting all real up in here

I have to be extremely truthful here. I procrastinate. I let my doubts and insecurities stop me from doing things. I let my fear rule my life. It has to stop now. I committed to something today that I don't know if I can sustain. I owed Walden some money and they threatened to kick me out. Ugh!!! So I called them and agreed to pay them but I'm not positive I can swing it every month. I guess I will just have to. What this has done though is make me realize that dragging my feet is costing me money. I have got to get on the ball and get this crap done. This quarter, I have worked on my dissertation exactly 1 week. 1!!!! Week!!!!! What the hell did I do the rest of the 10 weeks????? I don't know, I can't tell you. If I put in serious effort on this, I will have it done in no time at all. I just need to freaking do it. So, in an effort to not spend a ton of money that I don't have, I have got to buckle down and get this done. I really have no choice at all. I need to just do it. If I wrote steadily, I would have something to turn in every week. I would get the worst part done in a month. A. Month!!!!!!! I could just kick myself. I spend so, so much time doing nothing. I watch mindless TV or waste time scrolling facebook repeatedly. UGH!!!! I have got to stop this.

Okay, enough beating myself up. I have to get working on this and keep working on this all the time.

Happy New Year

So here it is. 2018. We had some friends over last night and it was fun. Thankfully, everyone left by 10 pm and we headed to bed by 11 pm...