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Time for a new start

I was just looking over my new year's eve post for the last few years, and it was interesting. I was a fan of new years for a long time and would make these elaborate posts about what I planned to do that year, etc. or the last few years the goals have been pretty generic; lose weight, start running, get organized, blah, blah, blah...... This year I am trying to be more specific and have definite goals and plans to get there.

In the midst of writing this, I got sidetracked by my dissertation forum. We had a discussion going and I went to check it and it started things going in my head. I realize I have a bit of a negative attitude, which is very unlike me. I am feeling down about myself because I think I can't finish my dissertation. Every time I get motivated to workout something happens, this time it's my left foot/calf. I hurt it jumping rope on Wednesday and it is still bothering me. Luckily I have a massage therapist friend and she will be working on it tomorrow. Bu…

Lazy couple of days

Started watching Devious Maids a couple of days ago and I've been hooked. Watched all 3 seasons that are on Hulu and now debating about buying the 4th season on Amazon. That's it, there won't be a 5th season. Too bad, it's a good show. Light, easy to watch. Doesn't take a lot of concentration or brainpower. Sometimes those kind of shows are nice. I did go to Crossfit again this morning - yay me!!! - and will be going tomorrow too. I want to go on Thursday before we leave too, just have to work out the details.

My traps are so freaking sore, it is giving me a headache. I know it's from the snatches on Monday and the fact that I am so seriously out of shape it is not funny. Hoping that by tomorrow it will be better.

Nothing else really. I've done absolutely nothing today and I'm okay with that. Tomorrow I have things to do. I have to get this house clean before we leave and I also need to plan some work on my dissertation.

That's it. I'm tired…

Create the life you want

On many levels, I've known this for years. But on the most important level, I'm just realizing it. I am really getting to the point where I know what kind of life I want and I'm not afraid to go after it. Is it weird that I'm saying this at 57 years old? Oh, well, it is what it is.

I'm working on laying out the new year. I have some good goals, at least I think they are good, and I am mapping out how to accomplish them. That's really the key, having a plan. I have these goals, but without a plan to accomplish them, they really are just dreams. So I'm working on mapping out a plan. It seems like I'm taking a long time to do this, but I think it's good I'm putting a little extra effort into them. I'm not just shooting off goals, laying out a quick plan, and calling it a day. I'm really trying to be realistic about what I can and cannot do. For example, I really don't work on my dissertation during the week, especially if I go to Cros…