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I am addicted to Facebook

It unfortunately, is very true. I spend more time on Facebook than I do on anything else in my life. I bemoan the fact that I get nothing done at times because I've spent an hour or three on Facebook. And it is not like it's that interesting. I just scroll and scroll and scroll and then get frustrated when I see the same stories over and over again. UGH!!!! I can't work when I see that little number show up on my Facebook tab (because I always have the page open) or when the notification comes across while I'm working on something else. I need to do something and I need to do it now. Before break I would go for hours without looking at Facebook in classes. I would check for 15 minutes of so while I ate lunch, and then put it away while I worked. So I can go without it and the world does not fall apart. So it is time to start withdrawing from this nasty addiction. Here is my routine now:
Wake up: check emails and Facebook
On toilet: check Facebook, play games