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Trying to be consistent

So last week was really good. Long around Wednesday, I got things in gear. Went to Crossfit 3 times. Worked on my dissertation in the mornings. And really felt great about the things I did. Then this week....nothing. I have a habit of doing things really well for a short period of time and then slacking off.

Self-attribution: the process through which people determine the antecedents and consequences of their behaviors. Heard this term on Dr. Phil and wanted to note it down. Need to work on my self-attribution.

I started this post at 8 a.m. this morning. It is now 7 pm. In between I have eaten breakfast, showered, went to the Doggie Street Festival, and had lunch with the pups in downtown Phoenix. So it is not like I just wasted the day, I kept getting distracted but planned on finishing it. I also started setting up my planner for next week, realizing that this week was basically a complete waste. As I was getting it ready and starting to think about next week, I came to a couple…


It was just a couple of days ago that I realized my energy levels were up. Seriously up. Like crazy, haven't been this energetic in a long, long time up. I have not had a nap after work since Tuesday, and that was only like 10 minutes. I made it to Crossfit Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - yay me!!!! I got up every day at 4 am and did a little work on my dissertation. It was a super good week and my energy levels are just amazing. Not sure if it is because I'm actually eating instead of starving myself or if it's the Advocare and I don't care. I love having this energy. When I lay down to rest, it is just to rest. Yesterday I think I dozed for about 20 minutes. See that is okay. Sleeping a drugged sleep for an hour or more is not okay. So I'm feeling pretty darn amazing. My feet are not hurting - finally - and I'm generally feeling like a rock star. When I started this nutrition challenge, I really thought that I wanted to lose weight. And I do, but I have di…