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Well that didn't work out as planned

I had such grand plans for this week. I was going to push myself. I was going to workout. I was going to get things done. None of that happened. Sunday was great. Made some food. Got some things done. Was really in the groove on Sunday. Then Monday came along. I did not get up as early as planned, but I did do some sun salutations in my classroom before the day started. Then the morning progressed and I started to feel worse and worse. My sinuses were acting up and my face felt like it was going to explode. After my first class, I even ran to the store to get some sinus medicine. When I came back, I ran into the prinicpal. She said I looked like hell...awesome....which the secretary overheard and came and handed me a bottle of doTerra Breathe

I put some on, it's a roll-on, and literally within a minute or two I started to feel better. She showed me where to put it for maximum effect, and within 20 minutes I felt fine. I could not believe it. I did not take any of the drugs I boug…

It is a start

Yes, I know it is Day 1 of a very long journey, but I did take the first step already. I did 10-minute trainer, full body yoga. It was only 10 minutes, but it was yoga and it was a start. That small thing has made me feel so proud of myself because I did it. I set a goal last night and I followed through. One step in a very, very long journey.

Just got back from the dog park and getting ready to eat breakfast and head out to go grocery shopping. I'm going to make some meatballs and lasagna chili for my lunches. Also, will include rice and some veggies. I think for the veggies I'll make a stir fry for the meatballs and the chili will have the veggies in it. I love eating bowls of stuff. Bowls of leftovers. Bowls of stew. Bowls of anything. I love putting it all together in a bowl over rice and just going to town. So why not do that for lunches? So that will be my food prep for the week.

Okay, it is now the end of the day and things went well. I got almost everything on my li…