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Happy President's Day

Love having Mondays off. Of course, that means that the week will be brutal. Who knew that 3 days could be so long.....oh, well, it's only 3 days. We go back tomorrow and the week is already half over.

I got up yesterday morning and did yoga. It was brutal. I got up this morning and did yoga. It was slightly less brutal. I think about how flexible and bendy I used to be and I realize that I have a long way to go. That's okay as long as I am moving forward. I hit my step goal yesterday!! Yay me!!! I think that was the first time I hit my goal on purpose. I jumped on the treadmill around 3 pm and just walked until I made it. So now Garmin has upped my goal by 300 steps. Game on. I really want to go hiking today. Nothing too strenuous, just get out in nature and move. There are some easy hikes close to us, and I really want to go.

I went to the library yesterday for 2 1/2 hours and worked on my dissertation. Yay me!!!! Love being productive and successful. I even got a nap in …