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Major adulting going on here

Yes, I know, a mid-week post. Weird!!! But sometimes you just have to write.

I've never been good with credit cards. I know this and accept it and it's okay because I've built a life that doesn't need credit cards. I have them. I just don't use them much. I've been talking to some friends and they have a cashback card that they use to pay their bills. Hmmm... They pay their bills with the credit card then pay off the card once a month. Hmmm... And they get mucho cash back. Hmmmm...... So we've been talking about it and throwing it around. We pay our bills on time every single month, never fail. What if we got a cashback card and used it just for that? What if we paid the bills every month with that card and starting racking up the cashback? Hmmm.... Could we do this? Are we adult enough?? I think so. We just got a cashback card, the best one we could find, and will start doing just this next month. I'm scared. Weird, I know. But this is just about …

Goals, plans, and other nonsense

I have a wish to finish this dissertation. A big wish to get this sucker done. But I clearly don't have a good plan as I haven't made any significant progress in quite a while.

So, it is time to come up with a good plan. A plan that works for me. A plan that makes sense and that I can stick with. I wish to finish this, but more importantly, I'm rather determined to.

I quit Crossfit and am focusing solely on walking. We walk the dogs twice a day. I make it a priority to hit my steps every day - except for yesterday because I wasn't paying attention. So that takes up a whole lot less of my time. Less time working out. Less time recovering. Less time prepping. Just less time. We are starting to hike too. Last week we hiked South Mountain. Today we are going to hike Pagopago Park. So that's a nice little addition to the routine. The result of all of this is that I have time left over. Time that is not taken up with Crossfit or recovering from Crossfit, or trapped in…