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but not quite yet.

Next week is my last week of freedom. I have one more week left to get all the things done that I wanted to in the last 8. Ha.... I have actually accomplished quite a bit. Not near as much as I wanted to, but I think I overloaded myself, so I'm okay with that. The main point of summer is that I had a fabulous time. I rested. Relaxed. Swam. Ate. Drank. And partied. It was a freaking amazing summer.

So next week I will go into my classroom and start prepping it for the new year. I will also start to get things organized since I didn't get as much of that done as I would have hoped.

Then the following week I have the AP Biology class. I'm really looking forward to that, it should be good.

Then the week after that I return to work :( 6 days of teacher stuff and then the kids come back on Wednesday. Luckily we only have them for 2 days the first week. But then it's boom, back into it.

In non-school news, I have been working out regularly and alread…