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a few weeks ago I came across a teacher's blog who talked about how she chose a word for the year. She gave a number of examples from past years but this one really spoke to me. It still does. I haven't really instituted any upgrades in my life yet because it was the last few weeks of summer and I had fallen into a pattern of lazy days. I did manage to go to the gym regularly, so that was definitely an upgrade. This week though, school starts. So I think it is time to upgrade my life and I just need to figure out what that looks like.

Upgrade my career: I really do love what I do. I know I complain and moan about the kids, but I really do enjoy teaching. It is fun, different every single day, and I am making a difference. So upgrading this looks like this:

No whining or complaining about anything, but especially the kids. Keeping my lesson plans up to date throughout the yearEntering grades every week, no matter what. Staying organized if it kills me Finding systems that work …