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Time to take care of things

The first reference I can find to my ankle is this February. I know it was bothering me before that. It started bothering me towards the end of last year because I remember thinking it was cold. And I thought that for a long time. Then it wasn't cold anymore. But my ankle still hurt. Then it hurt really bad. And it was hot. Really. Hot. So I got to thinking that maybe something else was wrong and I even considered going to an orthopedist. But honestly, I'm kind of off doctors. I really didn't want to have to consider surgery or some such other nonsense. Then I saw an ad for the Good Feet Store. I decided to go yesterday just to see what they had to offer. Turns out they offer orthotics. I've had orthotics before and they worked miracles so I was open to them. They were really, really expensive. Like $1000....yikes. I was planning on spending a few hundred dollars but not 1000. But my feet were a mess.

I've always had good arches, but the imprint of my right foot w…