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Light at the end of the tunnel?

So I've been wearing my new orthotics for 7 days. On Monday when I wore them to work for the first time, I could only stand them about 4.5 hours. But on Tuesday I made it all day with them. The rest of the week was the same. I've also gotten better with the ones in my sandals that I wear around the house. When I first started wearing them, they hurt my right foot because my arch was falling so bad the orthotic was cutting into the arch. But gradually over the week, it has gotten better and it no longer hurts to wear my sandals. I've also noticed some other improvements. I no longer dread getting out of bed. Used to be that everything would hurt when I got out of bed and it was super hard to walk. It's getting better. I no longer have all that pain and it is easier to walk right out of bed. I also used to feel very unsteady on my feet. I was always afraid of falling, even in flat shoes. Now I feel that a whole lot less. Finally, I saw a jogger yesterday and thought, fo…