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Once again, I'm angry

at myself. I find that I tend to go through depressions and I think I was in a bit of one recently. When I'm in a depression nothing really gets to me. I don't get happy. I don't get sad. I don't get angry. Not true, I do get sad almost constantly. But I have no extreme emotions; joy, anger; love; etc. When I'm coming out of a depression, I find that I have some serious emotions. Lately, that emotion has been anger. I find myself angry at many things. And not just anger, but absolute rage. While I'm not one to generally support anger, I believe there is a place for it if you channel it correctly. My anger lately has been directed at myself, and that is not good. But, the things about myself that are making me angry are things I can direct my anger at. I'm angry because nothing fits me anymore. I have like 1 pair of pants (which I've been wearing to work for the last 2 weeks) and a couple of shirts. That is it. Today I'm wearing a shirt that I absolu…