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That's me. I realized yesterday that lately, I've been very happy. Not over the moon maniac happy, just happy, content with my life. I started AltShift Activate on Sept. 17 - 13 days ago. Since then I have deviated slightly from the plan. One day I had 1 beer for lunch. Last Sunday I had some fried foods and some wheat foods. Oh, and last night I had some bottled salad dressing. Those deviations are so small and I approached each knowing it was a one-off event. I am damn proud of myself. To get this far and not feel like I deserve some sort of treat for staying the course. The fact of the matter is, I feel damn amazing. My clothes are fitting better. My whole attitude is changing and I'm seeing the positive side of things. Things are not getting me stressed out as much. Even my classes are going better. I don't get angry at them like I used to. I will tell you, there is no food on earth that feels as good as this does. I am sleeping really, really well. I'm walkin…