Project Me

12/5/2022 -I have not made exercise a priority in a few years. I have been starting and stopping. Doing it for a while, then drifting away from it. I find myself weaker than I have been in years and years. And I don't like it. I have always had these massive calves that were hard to fit in boots. Not anymore. I have always had strong, muscular legs that I loved. Not anymore. So it is time to get serious. For the first time in a very, very long time I am not training for anything. I am not doing races or walks. I found that racing kept me moving and working out. Not racing has allowed my workout routine to fall by the wayside. For years. So it's time to make a change. I am going to workout every day for the next few weeks, basically just to get some baseline fitness and to get the habit back. I'm getting older. I need to workout to preserve what strength I do have. So this is where Project Me starts again. 


2 Rounds
30 Russian Twists - total
15 Alternating Lunges - each leg
15 Jump Squats - each leg
30 Bicycle Crunches - total
1st Round
3 minute rest
2nd Round
Total Time: 15 minutes

NOTES: This was actually pretty good. I went from one exercise to the other with little rest in between. Was a little winded. Was able to do the squats without holding anything for balance - Yay!!!  Jump squats were only a little bit off the ground, but I left the ground. Woot!! Woot!!


AltShift Lift Week 1 Day 1
Chest Press 3 sets/10 @ 15#
Lying Pullover 3/10 @15#
Bicep Curls 3/10 @ 5#
Shoulder Press 3/10 @ 5#
Push ups on craft table 3/10
Bent over rows 3/10 @ 15#
Overhead Extension 3/10 @15#

NOTES: Legs were a little sore from yesterday - that hasn't happened in a while. Basically did this workout with the weights as they were set up on the dumbbells. I know they were kind of light, but I just wanted to do it. Right now I'm focusing on building the workout habit again. I just need to do something every single day. 

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