Time to really commit

Well, I've been dancing around a couple of things for the past few months and I think it is finally time to just commit. I have come to accept the fact that I cannot focus my energies on too many different things at one time. When I do that nothing gets done properly and I feel discouraged. But, by the same token, I need to get some things done and I need to devote time and energy to them. So I am narrowing my focus down to just 2 things. My dissertation and 10,000 steps a day. That's it. Well, work too, but that will happen when I'm at work and not at home. Everything else will have to fit around those 2 things. I need to step up my dissertation game and I think I'm in a position to do that now. I have my room all set up for dissertation writing and I have used it a couple of times this week, but I need to be in there more. Here's the way last week went. I came home from school and sat glassy-eyed in front of the TV for a while. Then when it cools, about 5:30, we…

A great Spring Break

Well, it's the last day of Spring Break. Tomorrow it's back to school for 8 weeks until summer. I think this has been one of the more enjoyable spring breaks I've had. I think having Hubby on the same schedule really adds to the fun. I'm not all alone all week while he works. I like it.

We took a trip to Tombstone and Bisbee and it was awesome. I love, love, love both of those places. It was so cool to see Tombstone and where the fight happened and all that. It was also cool to see Bisbee which is just an adorable little town. I have a 1000 pictures that I could post, but I'll spare you that and just say an amazing time was had by all.

I got a little planning done while on break, that is always nice, and I got some work on my dissertation done too. Not as much as I'd hoped for either of them, but at least I got some done. I love how I'm looking at the bright side now and not dwelling on the fact that I didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped. I ma…

LIfe goes on

I've come to love the "On this day" feature of Facebook. Especially when it is a time that something was happening. 7 years ago today we moved into the Kaneohe house. That was a crazy, crazy time. And it was an exciting, amazing time. We had bought our first house, something we never thought we'd be able to afford in Hawaii. It was awesome. Met some really nice people, Eddie and Ella who lived above us and the guy who lived down the street who did all the carving. Then we met some complete assholes, no names needed. We had some really good times and some not so good times there. For a long time it was a real struggle to make it, but we did. That house provided us with the means to make the mainland move and seriously, that made it all worth it. Life is so funny. I always think about what if...... What if we didn't buy that house? What if we didn't have those neighbors? What if we decided to move to the mainland earlier? What if..... I really am a firm beli…

A subtle shift

After or accident last Saturday, I was shaken up as you might well imagine. But not near as shaken up as I thought I'd be. I was, and am, incredibly thankful to be alive. When I think about what could have happened I just shudder. But I have noticed a mild shift in my mindset since the accident. I have noticed that I am much more appreciative of things. Everything. I find that I don't anger as quickly. I am finding joy in almost everything. And I am living in the moment - something I'm not great at. I find I did not get frustrated with my class all week, which is very unusual as I was ready for break and they were squirrely. I'm not getting angry at Hubby as much either. I had reached a point where little things were irritating me all the time. That is gone. I am really and truly thankful for surviving that crash and for everything in my life. I am also extremely present in my everything and make decisions based on the now and not the future. Not even sure I said that…

What a weekend

The weekend started like any other. Friday at the dog park, then to Scottsdale for a hike. Lunch at a brewery and then home for a lazy evening. Saturday began at the dog park like always, then it was off to run errands. We actually had fun running the errands. After we decided to try a new place for lunch. On the way there, this happened.

This was one of the scariest moments of my life. I'm not really sure how we lived through it, but we both did and came out of it relatively unscathed. There were a whole bunch of amazing people who helped us out right after it happened, the police officer that responded was not one of them. Needless to say, we were pretty shaken up and our Saturday ruined. I am just so thankful that we both survived that. The van is now sitting in our driveway waiting for the insurance adjuster to come over and look it over. I'm hoping it happens quickly and they total it quickly and we can move on and buy a new car over spring break. I'm really bummed,…

Major adulting going on here

Yes, I know, a mid-week post. Weird!!! But sometimes you just have to write.

I've never been good with credit cards. I know this and accept it and it's okay because I've built a life that doesn't need credit cards. I have them. I just don't use them much. I've been talking to some friends and they have a cashback card that they use to pay their bills. Hmmm... They pay their bills with the credit card then pay off the card once a month. Hmmm... And they get mucho cash back. Hmmmm...... So we've been talking about it and throwing it around. We pay our bills on time every single month, never fail. What if we got a cashback card and used it just for that? What if we paid the bills every month with that card and starting racking up the cashback? Hmmm.... Could we do this? Are we adult enough?? I think so. We just got a cashback card, the best one we could find, and will start doing just this next month. I'm scared. Weird, I know. But this is just about …

Goals, plans, and other nonsense

I have a wish to finish this dissertation. A big wish to get this sucker done. But I clearly don't have a good plan as I haven't made any significant progress in quite a while.

So, it is time to come up with a good plan. A plan that works for me. A plan that makes sense and that I can stick with. I wish to finish this, but more importantly, I'm rather determined to.

I quit Crossfit and am focusing solely on walking. We walk the dogs twice a day. I make it a priority to hit my steps every day - except for yesterday because I wasn't paying attention. So that takes up a whole lot less of my time. Less time working out. Less time recovering. Less time prepping. Just less time. We are starting to hike too. Last week we hiked South Mountain. Today we are going to hike Pagopago Park. So that's a nice little addition to the routine. The result of all of this is that I have time left over. Time that is not taken up with Crossfit or recovering from Crossfit, or trapped in…