30 days of AltShift

Can't believe I'm even putting this out there, but here it is. I've been on AltShift for 30 days and this is my first progress photo. The right side is when I started and the left side is this morning. I have no idea what I weigh, but I know that my clothes are fitting better. I just see so much improvement in those photos. I'm actually kind of stunned.

So, what am I doing? Well, I'm doing AltShift. This is the longest I have stuck with it and it really does feel amazing. I have not been perfectly following the protocol, but I've been doing much better than ever before. Looking at these pictures makes me want to do it even better now.

I did make a major error this morning and I paid dearly for it. There was a pancake fundraiser for the football team and we went. I made a conscious decision to eat the pancakes even though I haven't really had any wheat or sugar in a month. Well, around noon I started to feel it. I got all shaky and sweaty and felt like crap…


That's me. I realized yesterday that lately, I've been very happy. Not over the moon maniac happy, just happy, content with my life. I started AltShift Activate on Sept. 17 - 13 days ago. Since then I have deviated slightly from the plan. One day I had 1 beer for lunch. Last Sunday I had some fried foods and some wheat foods. Oh, and last night I had some bottled salad dressing. Those deviations are so small and I approached each knowing it was a one-off event. I am damn proud of myself. To get this far and not feel like I deserve some sort of treat for staying the course. The fact of the matter is, I feel damn amazing. My clothes are fitting better. My whole attitude is changing and I'm seeing the positive side of things. Things are not getting me stressed out as much. Even my classes are going better. I don't get angry at them like I used to. I will tell you, there is no food on earth that feels as good as this does. I am sleeping really, really well. I'm walkin…

Forward, ever so slowly

Well, after months of frustration, after not making any forward progress at all, after watching the scale slowly creep upwards no matter what I did, I seem to have finally hit on the right path. Way back in 2015 I purchased a book called AltShift. I can't call it a diet because it is a way of eating that you can stick to forever. It is carb cycling. 5 days of low carb/high fat followed by 3 days of high carb/low fat. So for 5 days, I eat basically Paleo then or 3 days I eat like a bodybuilder. It's not that restrictive but that the general idea. It's only been 12 days but I already feel amazing. Yesterday I wore some pants that were super tight on me last week and they fit great yesterday. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down 6 pounds. I have also lost about 1/2" on my waist and hips. Cannot tell you how amazing I feel. Part of it is to walk as much as possible too. That I'm struggling with a little and I'm not really sure why. Well, yesterday…

Zero forward progress

So last week I was all angry and pissed off and things were going to change and they were going to change NOW!!! I made a plan and wrote it down in my planner and everything. So what happened this week??? Nothing! Absolutely!!! Nothing!!!! It was amazing.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did nothing as far as working out goes. Oh, I lie, I did yoga on Sunday (btw, it almost killed me). Monday morning I did go to the gym and that actually felt pretty darn good. But then Monday afternoon we had a Labor Day pool party and there was alcohol. More alcohol than I should have drunk on a school night. Plus we had Iggy who got up 2 or 3 times a night. So I went to bed early Sunday, but I had alcohol in me and Iggy getting me up 3 times. Luckily I took some ibuprofen and had water next to my bed through the night. I woke up feeling pretty good but I woke up late. So no gym and by the time I got home I was pretty tired. So no yoga. Tuesday night I slept really, really well and only heard Iggy on…

Procrastinator Extrordinare

So Thursday I was angry. And I mean ANGRY. With a white hot anger that would burn anyone who got near me. It is now Sunday. Has anything changed? No. In many ways, I feel like I have far, far too much information and I don't know which way to turn. Primal, Paleo, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, Zone??? Way, way too many choices and I don't know which one is best. I've tried just about all of them and they all work to some extent if you work them. Things I do know for sure:

I can't restrict calories too far or that will blow up in my faceI need to find some serious motivation because of the fact that I am fat and feel like crap is not doing it.  As I was typing this something just hit me (again). In the past, when I've become seriously invested in exercise it is because I had something I was working towards. Someone years ago wrote that if you have to be working towards something and not against something else. Truer words were never spoken for me. I need some extrinsic …

Once again, I'm angry

at myself. I find that I tend to go through depressions and I think I was in a bit of one recently. When I'm in a depression nothing really gets to me. I don't get happy. I don't get sad. I don't get angry. Not true, I do get sad almost constantly. But I have no extreme emotions; joy, anger; love; etc. When I'm coming out of a depression, I find that I have some serious emotions. Lately, that emotion has been anger. I find myself angry at many things. And not just anger, but absolute rage. While I'm not one to generally support anger, I believe there is a place for it if you channel it correctly. My anger lately has been directed at myself, and that is not good. But, the things about myself that are making me angry are things I can direct my anger at. I'm angry because nothing fits me anymore. I have like 1 pair of pants (which I've been wearing to work for the last 2 weeks) and a couple of shirts. That is it. Today I'm wearing a shirt that I absolu…

Light at the end of the tunnel?

So I've been wearing my new orthotics for 7 days. On Monday when I wore them to work for the first time, I could only stand them about 4.5 hours. But on Tuesday I made it all day with them. The rest of the week was the same. I've also gotten better with the ones in my sandals that I wear around the house. When I first started wearing them, they hurt my right foot because my arch was falling so bad the orthotic was cutting into the arch. But gradually over the week, it has gotten better and it no longer hurts to wear my sandals. I've also noticed some other improvements. I no longer dread getting out of bed. Used to be that everything would hurt when I got out of bed and it was super hard to walk. It's getting better. I no longer have all that pain and it is easier to walk right out of bed. I also used to feel very unsteady on my feet. I was always afraid of falling, even in flat shoes. Now I feel that a whole lot less. Finally, I saw a jogger yesterday and thought, fo…