16 October 2004

The Exercise Conumdrun

It's funny how things go sometimes. I was doing so well on my exercise program; weights and aerobics in the morning, yoga and pilates at night. I was feeling awesome and looking awesome; muscles starting to pop on my legs and arms. Then I decided to change things up, I wanted to focus more on the upper body for weight training and get more aerobics in (after all I'm in this to lose weight). Since then things have been kind of sloppy. I missed some days; haven't weight trained near enough; no gotten any exercise at all some days; and spend 2 days feeling like crap. So, I need to lay out an exercise routine and stick to it for the next week; if I don't like it I'll change it next week. So the program will be as follows:

Sunday: mini-triathlon
Monday- am aerobics pm weights
Tuesday - am step pm yoga
Wednesday - am aerobics pm weights
Thursday - am step pm pilates
Friday - am aerobics pm weights
Saturday - long bike ride or walk/run
Sunday - am aerobics pm mini-tri

Okay, I like that schedule. I will allow myself one day off of my choosing. I like this, I think I can foloow up with this for the week and see how I feel at the end. I was a little afraid I was getting obsessed by exercise but I think I'm a ways from that yet.

Okay, now it's time to face the music; it' s off to WW.......

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