31 December 2004

And now, the end is near....

I've been reading through all the blogs and everyone is doing an end of the year recap; some quite interesting. A benifit of living in Hawaii is that everyone celebrates New Year's before you do and you can read everyone's blog before you blog. So I guess I'll take a few moments and look back at the year 2004 before looking forward to 2005.

Okay a slight delay. We just got back from walking the dogs and cruising on the beach. I need to get them all fed and doped up before 7 pm, well before the fireworks start.

So, lets look back on the year. It was not such a great year; at least in my opinion. Lots had happened in 2003 and I think the fallout didn't really hit until 2004. On the positive side though; I lost around 20 lbs this year!!
I completed my first triathalon!!
I conquered (to a large extent but not completely yet) my spontaneous spending habit.
I have learned to view my body in a very different way (and continue to work on this every single day)
I have become very happy with my life and realized how lucky I truly am.
I am truly glad it's over!!!

Looking towards the new year; much of which I covered in a previous post. I have a few goals: Lose the last few pounds and enter 4 sprint triathalons. I have begun a running program hopefully this weekend I'll begin my swimming program. I have the new race book and I'm going to pick out some races tonight and enter them. I think I'll also spend some time on my diet. I need to spend my calories wisely; I'll work on them tonight.

I decided this morning that I am beginning the new year with money in the bank, all my bills paid, and a full tank of gas; it doesn't get any better than that!!!!!

Know it's off to feed the dogs and get them ready for fireworks.

Have a great 2005!!!!!!!!!

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Denise said...

What a great site, Florence! I'm so impressed with your level of activity - a triathlon, for goodness' sake. :-)

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