19 December 2004

It's a brand new day!!!

So far so good today. I got up and did my new Crunch Boot Camp; whew, what a workout!!!
Went to work and then went out to breakfast with Charlie. Did over eat a little BUT I ended up not having lunch, so I guess it really balances out. I am however, ready for dinner.

It's been a good rest of the day too. I got lots of coconuts done. 5 will be ready to send Tuesday and the rest will be ready to go by Wednesday. Some may not arrive by Christmas but they will be there by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'm addressing my website: www.dakinelocalstuff.com to the folks I send the coconuts to so they know who it is and what's going on. It's funny how ambition goes in cycles. Some days, like today, I'm a whirling dervish and get tons done. Other days I just can't be bothered. Oh well, as long as they get done. I'm going to read some blogs now and then go hunt down dinner...

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