18 January 2005

Monday, Monday

It was sooooo quiet at work today!!!! The good thing is we left early. It's been a good, really good, day. I have tracked points, calories, and core for 2 days now and it's already starting to show certain patterns. I think this will be a good thing. Also, I feel full and not so hungry.

I did the Lotte Berk DVD tonight and it's really interesting. I did it once before and enjoy it pretty much. It's harder than it looks. It's great on the abs and that's what I need to work on.

I have decided I need to have some more gratitude and that starts today. I am grateful that I have a good job and my health. I know that's kind of corny but hey, it's a start. Everyday I will find something to be grateful for; it helped Oprah it can help me :)

Okay, another good day under my belt. Good days seem to build on each other; and that's a good thing. So I'm off to get ready for bed. I'm working on getting up earlier so I get an entire hour in to exercise. I don't really have to get up earlier, I just have to get up on time - not hitting the snooze for an hour.

Okay, enough........

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