01 January 2005

A new day; a new start...

2005 is here!!! Today did not go exactly as planned but that's okay too. I slept in (fireworks didn't end till after 1:30am) but once I got up I did my 3.5 mile run. Then the rainy dreary day just knocked me out. I ended up laying around reading all day. I hope this storm passes tonight so I can go for a bike ride tomorrow - I really want to go for a bike ride!!!! I did manage to eat fairly well; more important is I logged it in. I tend to get so lazy on the weekends and not log my food in but I did today - yeah me!!!!

I did pick out some races for the first few months of 2005. I have a 5k next Sunday. That's only 3.1 miles and I ran 3.5 today so I'm good for that. The next one is Feb 6th, an 8k or 4.9 miles. Then there's the Great Aloha Run on Feb 21; 8.15 miles. I have decided that I need to enter races in order to really keep my training up. I have also decided to do the first triathalon of the season in Lanikai. I'm stoked. This is really going to be a great year.

So, we are off to a good start and I'm very optimistic about the rest of the year!!!!

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