04 January 2005

The new year is 4 days old

and I am already loving it. I have exercised every day of the new year so far and my eating has been darn good. I'm very, very pleased with myself.

I've signed up with for a couple of races already. I figure this will keep my training on track. I want to run 3 days a week and I want to do the Maui marathon in September. My first race is Sunday, a 5k that should be fun. I ran tonight on the treadmill and did really well. Of course, watching The Biggest Loser while your training is the way to go.....

I have noticed some effects of my training already. My legs are feeling the work. I really hope my thighs get thinner. I think my stomach is shrinking. I have this little flap of fat that I am bound and determined to get rid of. It's getting smaller and flappier and I think that's a good sign. I will not quit until it's gone forever.

It's kind of scary and exciting to realize I am going to reach my goal. I am going to get to my goal weight and for the first time in 15 years not be fat. I can't wait but at the same time it can take it's time getting here. I'm seriously focused on reaching my goal and I know I will do it this time. This is my final time.

Okay, I can't get really deep tonight I'm too tired. I want to go watch some trashy tv before I head off to bed....

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