09 January 2005


I'm sensing a trend here!!! I did a triathalon in October and my goal was to complete it in under 2 hours. My time??? 1:52 Just under 2 hours!! This morning I had a 5k race. I decided that I wanted to complete it in 35 minutes. My time???? 34:24. Do you see a pattern??? In both cases I came in 4th place by just a matter of minutes. So, my new game plan?? Shot for a winning time. Apparently I can come in at any time I just need to pick better times.

On a better note. I had a great race. This speed work apparently works. I did walk for only 1 minute right at the half way point so that was good. I felt great after too and that is a huge success.

I have noticed that things are shrinking. I my actually have a flat stomach, NO WAIT, I WILL have a flat stomach someday very, very soon. There, that's better...... Also my thighs are getting smaller, they don't rub near as much. I've noticed that when things start to shrink they get real lumpy first and they things start to go away. Frankly, I'm ready for it all to be gone. I want to have a body with only a little bit of fat.

Okay, enough for today. I have to get laundry going and get ready for the work week.....

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