01 April 2005


I've fallen and I can't get up.

I seem to have started a downward slide and I can't seem to put the brakes on. Yesterday I had a ton of very fatty butter cookies (lucky they are really small) and some fudge when I went to the mall. Then had a bunch of chips when I got home, I mean I was just mindlessly stuffing them in my mouth; I didn't even really want them. Then for dinner I had chicken stew like stuff with garlic bread and artichoke dipped in mayo. Oh yes, I didn't exercise last night; granted I was only supposed to do functional exercises but I didn't do them.

This morning when I got up it was my morning off from exercise (and since my knee has been bothering me I decided it was a good idea to take off completely). I slept in; that was great; and sat at my computer till it was time to get ready for work. Well, while sitting there muffins crossed my mind and since I had to stop and get gas this morning I ended up getting little powdered donuts (Yum!!!).

Oh, did I fail to mention my intestional distress this morning?? I didn't think I was going to make it to work!!!!

I have got to stop this and stop it now. I can't wait till tomorrow or Monday; it has to stop now. I just ate my oatmeal and banana for breakfast and that will do it till yogurt time. I have chicken stew and salad for lunch and I will refrain from cookies. My stomach really feels yucky (that's a technical term :) and I still feel like I have to go... Enough already.

Charlie is off tomorrow and I know we will be going out to breakfast. That has to be it. I have a race on Sunday and I need to be properly fed and hydrated. That's what I need to focus on; my race. I need to eat good and drink lots of water so I'm ready for the race on Sunday. Okay, I feel better. I need to focus on something positive not what I shouldn't be doing.

Jeez, it's raining like hell outside. It looks likes it's going to be a miserable weekend. Wonderful!!!!!

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