30 April 2005

Wrap up of Week 1:

Not a bad week if I do say so myself. I pretty much just kept track this week. Once I saw how bad it was going I did try to reign my eating in but otherwise I just ate like I normally do. Here is the summary:

Average daily calories: 1925
fat: 67
protein: 106
carbs: 207

Average daily exercise calories: 450

Overall, not bad. There are definetly a few places I need to work on. I need to become more consistent in my diet. My daily calories ranged from 1700 to 2100, whick is not really that bad but I'd like to be around 1700-1800 everyday. I would also like to increase my activity calories to around 600 per day. Since I took 2 days off this week that shouldn't be too hard.

The whole point of this week was to see what exactly was going on with my eating/exercising and now I know. This coming week I will try to tweak it some so that it's more in line with how I want it to be.

I have to say though, I did not stuff myself once this week; okay except for Sunday breakfast. Other than that I was full or most times just satisfied and not stuffed. Sometimes at lunch I felt a little full but since I mostly have salads for lunch, that passed pretty quickly.

Well, I'm declaring this week a major success. Now I need to plan for next week (which starts today) and get ready to head off to WW........

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