22 June 2005

Starting Day 3....

Okay, well day 2 went pretty well. I was pretty hungry most of the day yesterday and ending up eating 1 piece of chocolate. When I wanted more I pulled out the grapes and devoured them, so that was a success.

Last night I went for a 17 min swim, the first swim in a little over a month and was it brutal!! I did it but it was tough. Afterwards I did my new strength training routine which requires me to work the muscles to failure for 3 sets. So I do the first set with 10 lbs and 15 reps; the second set is 12 lbs and 10-12 reps; the final set is 15 lbs and 8-10 reps, or however many reps it takes to cause the muscle to fail. It's as hard as it sounds and I'm a little weak this morning. I'm not sore, it just takes concentration to lift my arms and I can not hold them up for any length of time. I had scheduled an aerobic session this morning but because of my weakness I decided to cancel. I'm only just getting back into a regular routine so it's okay to let my body dictate the frequency of exercise. I'm supposed to swim tonight, that should be interesting.

I'm really feeling good. I think the extensive planning really helped. I just look at my journal every morning to see what I'm eating that day. I think I will have to do this every week. The key here is that I have to follow through. I have realized I am ultimately very lazy and I need to fight that everyday in all things. I'm doing really good this week so I need to keep doing this even if it means spending 2 hours planning the following weeks. 2 hours that I would rather be doing something else. Okay, enough self-flaggelation. Time to get some work done.

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