07 September 2005

I don't think I could have a chronic health condition,

I'd be too big a baby about it. My ankles have been feeling really good for the past couple of days and today on the schedule was a 3 mile run. Now I haven't actually "run" any real distance in a while because of my ankles, I've been walking/running. So, feeling particularly good, I decided my goal was to run the entire 3 miles, speed be damned!! I recently subscribed to a podcast by Steve Runner so I qued that up on my iPod and set off. The podcast I listened to was his Falmouth race and it was perfect. As I ran I felt like I too was running in a race. I could hear the crowd and all the noises of a race, it was awesome. Also, Steve is a great narrator. After a slow start I was feeling pretty strong and halfway through decided to crank it up just a little; and that worked well too. Bottom line: 3.25 miles in 38 minutes. Not record breaking but great for me.

This run may not do much in the overall scheme of my training but it has given me confidence. Every walk or run is laced with fear of reinjuring myself. I can't walk the dogs without thinking about how not to twist my ankle. I watch every single step I take I am so incredibly paranoid. Just thinking of running makes me break out in a cold sweat and my stomach roil. So this run was more about battling fear than battling the clock. So this morning was a HUGE success and I'm stoked.

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