11 September 2005

I know I haven't been around much and it's

bascially because I've been busy. I can't tell you on what but time just really gets away from me lately.

Overall it was avery good week. I ran some, swam some, rode my bike some, did some strength training, and really felt pretty darn good.

Today I went out and did the bike course again. This time I had my computer on. The computer is double edged sword to me. It's good in that I like to see how I'm doing and how I'm improving in different areas. But it's bad in that I will push myself really, really hard if I don't like what I see. So I try not to look at it too often but when I'm climbing a tough hill into a head wind and I'm laying over the handlebars that's when I see it mocking me with 6 mph and I have to stand up and give it all I've got. It just pisses me off because today was supposed to be just a cruise of the course. Oh well.

I also did the run today; at packet pick-up yesterday they changed the course. It was good. I'm still paranoid about twisting my ankle so I ran slow; 5k in 37 minutes; and was super careful. Much of the running will be mental due to my ankle problems. I wore my braces and that gives me alot more confidence. Also, I had a little mantra going as I ran; I am strong, ankles are strong, legs are strong; as silly as it sounds this really seemed to help. The last two times I twisted my ankle I had mental pictures of that happening. This little mantra kept those evil pictures away and things felt good all around. Alas, I think running with the iPod may be out for awhile. Until I'm 100% I need to focus on where my feet are landing and not be distracted by what I'm hearing. But that's okay, it will only be for awhile.

Other than that things have just been moving along. Not sure what my schedule is this week. I have the race on Sunday but it is only a sprint. I'll probably start to focus more on running, since that's where I need the work, and just take 2 rest days before the race. I had planned on doing 2 or 3 more tris this season but I'm rethinking that. I'm not sure yet, have to mull it over some more.


theaddict said...
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theaddict said...
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