15 September 2005

My first group outing

I am not a "group" person. I don't really like group sports like baseball or football or such. I tend towards solitary activities. I don't mind doing my solitary activities with other people once in a while but basically I prefer to workout alone.

Tonight was my first outing with my marathon training group. Now, having said I prefer to exercise alone, I have discovered that a group is a great way to train for a marathon. So tonight was my first meeting, it's actually the groups 3rd. At first I was a little disappointed as we walked 5.4 miles but then the coach explained that this was base building. We would begin running on Saturday and then slowly build up to the marathon.

I enjoyed it! There is a girl there who has the same goal I do in the marathon and we are very close in pace so hopefully I've found a training partner.

I've noticed some folks including their splits and I think I'll do that so I can look back as I get further in my training and be dazzled by my increase in speed.

Mile 1: 16.26
Mile 2: 15.50
Mile 3: 22.29 (this was actually 1.4 miles)
Mile 4: 15.58
Mile 5: 16.40

Total time: 1:27 Total distance: 5.4 miles

Okay, wouldn't break any records or dazzle anyone but hey it's a start. The important part was my ankles were great. No pain and they feel wonderful now....

Okay, I'm tired. Time to go veg on the couch.....

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