13 October 2005

Things are definetly looking up!!

God, do I feel good. I've been following my exercise plan; I've rejoined weight watchers and am really watching my food intake, and all these things are starting to pay off. Thursday is usually my toughest morning. I have the worse time getting out of bed on Thursdays. But this morning I got up with only a little procrastination and got to exercising - Yeah!!!! I've discovered too (for the millionth time) that eating less requires less sleep. That's something I've always found slightly odd. When I get hungry I get tired and start yawning indicating that the body needs some fuel or it's going to shut down. Yet, when I overeat I tend to sleep more. Too little food == sleep. Too much food = sleep. Bizarre.

I awoke this morning with this song running through my head:

I was supposed to have been a Jesuit priest or a Naval Academy grad
That was the way that my parents perceived me
Those were the plans that they had
Though I couldn't fit the part too dumb or too smart
Ain't it funny how we all turned out
I guess we are the people our parents warned us about
Jimmy Buffett "We are the people our parents warned us about"
Now, I like that song but I hate having any song stuck in my head!! I'm not even singing the whole song, only that verse. UGH!!!! I guess I'll have to listen to it on my iPod over and over and over and over....... until it's gone.
Well, I have nothing else to say. Oh yeah, last night's marathon training group went well. We did a 60 minute, 7 mile run as a small taper to Sundays 30k. Now it's rest and stretching until Sunday.
That's all folks........

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