17 November 2005

Could I be freaking out????

Thanks La and Bolder, I think maybe I am freaking out a little bit.

When I trained for my last marathon by this point I was extremely confident that I could complete it. This time I'm not so sure and with it so close I guess it is getting to me a little bit. Also, I do have some issues with this coach and I probably won't join this group again, though I really like the people... Part of the problem is he doesn't do distances. Our training Sat., which will be our last long run before we taper, is set for 4 hours not a specific distance. That bothers me because I need to run 20 miles and know I've done it. It helps build up my confidence.

Last night we did some hills and it was great. We ran hill repeats (by accident) on this hill that's about 1/2 mile long and pretty steep. Due to lack of communication we ended running up and down it 3 times. It was tiring but it was good. We then ran around Enchanted lake for a total run of about 6 miles. I was running with a faster runner so even though she slowed down some, I ran slightly faster than normal. The really good part is I felt awesome this morning.

So I've decided on a compromise plan. I will continue to train with the group for the remaining weeks but I'm going to add some speed work in and some tempo runs to help me mentally.

It's funny how I wasn't this worried the first time I did a marathon. That time I was so sure I would finish that fear of failure never even crossed my mind. This time I am kind of freaked. Maybe because I know how hard it is before I was ignorant.

But you guys are right, I've done the time, put in the training, I just have to have faith that all will be okay.....

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La said...

Don't worry about the 4-hour run as opposed to the 20-miler. Anything longer than 4 hours and your body will have a hard time recovering in time for the marathon. I know the feeling of the "mental confidence" that comes from going the distance, but it's not worth it at the expense of your physical readiness on race day. Trust the training!

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