22 November 2005

In 20 days I'm doing a marathon!!!

And I finally feel like I'm ready.

After yesterday's awesome run I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Then tonight was my marathon group and we did 1 hour 20 minutes of running and I feel just awesome. I think I'm ready. Bring on 26.2 miles I can take it.

Anyway, I'm feeling awesome and plan on cruising the rest of the way to the marathon.

La, the marathon starts at 5:00 a.m. and no, the sun is not up at that time. Honolulu marathon prides itself on a number of unique things. It calls itself "The People's Marathon" since there is no time cutoff. They say anyone can do it. People have taken 12 hours to finish this thing and it's perfectly legal. It also claims to be the only marathon that starts in the dark. There's also something about it being the 2nd or 3rd largest marathon with the most Japanese runners or some crazy stuff like that. They have lots of claims to fame and as you stand at the start line they run down them all..

Okay, I'm starting to get really excited about this here marathon thing.....


Bolder said...

rock that 26.2 Flo!

p.s. i looked at your weather, it said the high was 36F!

bad news for you, you now live in Michigan!!

La said...

I thought the Marine Corps Marathon in DC was the People's Marathon? They do have a cutoff time, though (and there's been a huge discussion in the on-line running community about some charity groups that cut the route short, but I won't go into that here). Anyway, have a GREAT RACE! You sound so ready!

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