10 November 2005

It'a been a good week!!!

Monday night was marathon training. After Sunday's 1/2 I was still a little sore but decided to go and do my best. We did a slow 60 minutes and it really was killer but I did it. My quads were so sore!!

Tuesday night I skipped WW (mainly because I HATE the leader) and came home and did my Core workout. Again, still a little sore but there is so much stretching that I felt great when I was done.

Last night was marathon training again. What an awesome run!!!! We did 70 minutes of mostly hills. The total distance was 5 miles but there were some long, honking hills so it was good. I felt awesome! Everything felt right and I thought I could run all night long!!! I fell like I'm back!!!

It's been a great week and I feel really incredible. I'm not getting up as early as I'd like but I'm doing my core stuff at night so that works. Food has been spot on - even the pint of Ben & Jerry's hubby and I shared on Tuesday; that worked right in.

When I started keeping this blog I stopped keeping a written journal and I think that was a mistake. I've begun a journal again to keep note of aches, pains, nutrion, sleep, etc. Things like the fact that last night was the first night run without my ankle brace. Hardly earth shattering, but important to me.

Yesterday I was reading Nancy's blog when what may have went wrong Sunday hit me!! She explains about her sodium calibration and I realized that may be what was wrong. I know I had some intestinal distress but the real problem was after that passed and I was so incredible nauseous walking was hard at times. So this weekend I'm going to pick up some sodium tablets and start working with them. I've still got a month before the marathon so hopefully I can get that settled.

So, I'm stoked. Things are going well and I'm really feeling inspired. It's time to go walk the dogs - they are sitting here staring at me!!!!!

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Bolder said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Flo.

Everytime I read 'Step away from the cake' I'm gonna smile -- very creative!

Keep at that runnin'!!

Take care, Bold.

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