Scenes from a life....

This is the dashboard of my car. The newest addition is the snowball Jack.

This is one of Wyland's whaling walls. I pass it everyday on the way to the freeway.

Traffic!!!!! Even in Hawaii we have this blasted traffic...... I hate rush hour.....

This is the tunnel I have to drive through to go home. I live opposite Honolulu and it's either go through the mountains or go around them. Through is quicker :)

This is inside the tunnel.

I was playing with my Palm on the way home. Yes, it's Friday and I'm easily bored.......


PuddyRat said…
Oh, dear. You call that rush hour traffic? You have NO idea!

Anyway, I'm with the others that say it's okay to run slower for your marathon training than you do for shorter distances. In fact, it's normal. And while I did the same thing as you (i.e., got slower during my marathon training), I also ended up with a few PRs later in the year including one at the half mary distance. Blew me away.

Stick with your plan to do the marathon. You will do fine. And you can still do the half IM. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. You just run your own race.

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