05 November 2005

Weight loss vs Ironman

We were talking at work yesterday and it really got me thinking; actually, it started to put things in a different light for me.

First, a little background. My boss is an Ironman. She has done 23 Ironman all over the world. She regularly qualifies for Kona. She also does Xterra regularly. Me, I'm fighting the battle of my weight (one I've been fighting my whole life) and just getting into triathlons. Okay, now you know.

We were talking about someone yesterday who had had gastric bypass to lose weight. She had lost a ton of weight and looked great. Now, she's beginning to gain the weight back. We were mulling over the possible reasons why this is happening and one of the things I said (which turned out to be profound) was some people who have this surgery can't live with the fact that they will never be normal again. They can't eat like normal people. They have to watch every single thing that goes in their mouth. They have to count carbs, protein, and fat all the time. That has got to be hard to live with after awhile. My boss; who's never had a weight problem; then said, "It's like training for Ironman! I have to pretty much give up my life in order to train and race at the level I want to be at." Now my immediate reaction to this was, "UH, No Way!!!" But after I thought about it awhile I realize, she's right. When your trying to lose weight you, or should I say I get up every morning and make a decision about that day. What do I eat, when do I eat it, what exercise do I do, how do I live my life today to support my weight loss effort??? Training for Ironman is similar. When she gets up she says, what am I doing today, how hard do I work, what do I eat and when, how do I live my life today to support my training efforts? It's not all that different.

There are tons of people (many whom I know) who will tell you they can't lose weight. They have tried everything and they just can't lose weight. There are also tons of people who will tell you they could never do an Ironman. They don't have the endurance, the stamina, the body, whatever. To both types of people I say, You're wrong!!!! Anyone can lose weight just as anyone can do an Ironman. You just have to want it bad enough. Is it easy?? NO!! Will there be days when you just don't want to get out of bed?? Absolutely!!! Will there be days when you want to survive on cookies alone?? I guarantee it!!! Will there be days you feel like a champion for the decisions you made? More often than not!!!

I've been a Weight Watcher for 7 years straight now. Do you realize what that means?? Every single meal for 7 years has involved me thinking about it; counting points; figuring if it's Core. Not once in the past 7 years have I been able to just sit down and eat something. I have my mornings when I wake up and say, " I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!!!!" But I can no longer turn it off. It's become as much a part of me as breathing. I haven't reached my goal weight yet but I now realize that's because I didn't want it bad enough. Every meal, every workout I have a choice; do what's good for me or do what I want. Although those two things are getting closer and closer they are not exactly the same yet. So I can do this. From this moment forward it's weight loss and 1/2 Ironman training. It's taking it one meal and one workout at a time. It's finally realizing deep down inside; I can do anything I put my mind too....

Next post, the new addition to the family! IT"S A BOY!!!!

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PuddyRat said...

Great post, Flo, and RIGHT ON THE MONEY. You are correct in your assessment that we can do whatever we want to do if we only just set our minds and our hearts to achieving it. I'm not at my goal weight yet either. But, so far, the choices I've made haven't supported me reaching that goal. I tend to take the lazy mans' way out. For whatever reason, I just don't WANT to at this point in time. Eventually I will, but not right now.

Good luck to you! With your conviction, I know you will achieve your goals.

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