01 December 2005

Okay, this is getting old..

I've been sick all week and I'm tired of it. It started out as a head/sinus cold but yesterday afternoon it moved down into my throat and I now have a deep raspy cough and no voice, none, I can barely even whisper. This sucks big time. I actually feel better than I did yesterday I just can't talk. If you knew me in person you would understand what a problem that is. I talk, sing, laugh, a lot!! Now I can do none of that - ugh!!!!!! I have been resting a lot and getting to bed early trying to shake this thing. The marathon is only 10 days away and I'm beginning to worry just a little. I haven't run at all this week (funny, I had such a hard time getting up to exercise but now that I can't that's all I want to do), I'm tentatively planning to run with my group on Saturday since it's our last group run before the marathon, I just hope I can. Oh well, I'm doing everything I can if it doesn't go away it doesn't go away. I can't force myself to get better so I'll just have to roll with the punches........

On the work front we are so busy it really sucks. I haven't been able to take any sick time because we are so dang busy. I have been leaving early everyday though so that's been good. And I really have been getting tons, and tons of sleep which I figrue is really the best thing.

Okay, enough. Time for more tea and to get some work done. Please send healthy thoughts my way :)

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La said...

No, no... don't run! If you've got a chest cold, it's really best not to. Take the next 10 days to rest and heal fully before your race. In the days leading up you can do some runs to stay fresh and be ready for race day.

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