13 January 2006

Some major mistakes or life is a learning curve.

I have done something to my back. My sciatic nerve is all a twitter and it's just driving me crazy. I have "issues" with my lower back but over the years we have come to terms. It acts up and I have some things I do to calm it down. Well this time it's not working and it's pissing me off. I just hate when the rules of the game change and no one tells me!! But it's not really that bad so I can deal...

On the food front however, I made a huge mistake last night. I'm working out my hypoglycemia and overall it's been going well. Yesterday afternoon I had 1 piece of dried fruit (a major no-no) which set me up for sugar cravings later in the night. I decided that I could have a bowl of cereal before bed and the sugar crash would happen during the night and therefore not bother me. WRONG!!! I woke up this morning starving!! I mean really, really starving. I ate a banana and had a cup of coffee (both small no-nos). That helped for about 20 minutes. Then I went into full blown sugar shock (that's what I've always called it). Shaking, cold sweat, couldn't think, creepy-crawly feeling, you get the idea. At this point I had 2 choices: 1) start cramming anything I can find into my mouth and pray for the best, or 2) eat some protein and try to ride the reaction out for 20-30 minutes to allow the protein to hit my system. I don't know how I made the decision but I chose path 2. Some deep breathing and relaxation and 30 minutes later I was just fine. The result of this little episode was that I could not exercise. So I made today my rest day instead of tomorrow. This of course means I must get up super early on a Saturday to get my workout in - bummer. But I learned a very important lesson, actually a couple. Even a little bit of sugar (dried fruit) can screw things up and eating forbidden food at night only sets me up for a really horrible morning. Lessons to take home!!

In other news, it's Friday and I don't feel like working. Right now there is no one else in the lab so I'm goofing at the computer. I expect the boss to walk in any minute so I should get going. Hope everyone has an awesome day.

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Bolder said...

welcome to da club, me and my ITB better get on the same page, or it's gonna get a spanking.

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