21 January 2006

Some random thoughts I need to dump.

Today was WW weigh in and I was up a tad. I'm trying to put a positive spin on this. That was only one moment in time; my eating has been good all week; it's probably from lack of water yesterday; who the hell cares what the scale says. So it's not going to get to me, there is always next week.


I did something I have never done before. I went for an afternoon run. See, Saturday's are really the only day hubby and I get to spend together and getting up in the morning to run is kind of tough most Saturdays. So, my inner athlete, said, "Well, you can always run in the afternoon!" So I did. Yeah, me!!! 6 miles!!! WooHoo!!!!


Commodore has challenged the blog world to train until the end of February with NO LIMITS. It's a great idea and I'm going to accept his challenge. For the next 39 days whenever I find myself with nothing to do, laying on the couch channel surfing, mindlessly surfing the net, succumbing to common man syndrome, I will do something. I'm going to focus on core exercises and stretching. If I use all my wasted time during the day for this by the end of February I will have abs of steel, literally. So the gauntlet has been thrown and I have chosen to accept the challenge.


Tomorrow I will post a real post with my totals for the week and my new training schedule. I will also be planning my menu for the week, though you may not want to hear about that and getting ready for the week to come. Sunday's have become my prep days; cooking, laundry, planning, and that is working out real well for me.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and training with no limits...

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Bolder said...

again, that's why i brought Tanita into my life... who knows what a single weigh-in really means..

look forward to tomorrow's report.

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