22 January 2006

This week in review

Not a bad week as weeks go, in fact it was pretty darn good.

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 2000 m
Run: 8 miles
Bike: 22 miles

Not bad at all considering I didn't have a real plan and was winging it most of the week. For next week I have developed a plan and it is posted on the sidebar. I'm also going to try and shoot for some totals, though I may not post them cause I don't know if I want the added pressure.


Nancy Toby said...

Think of it as accountability, not pressure. :-)

Ellie Hamilton said...

Hi, Flo, and happy Sunday!

Looks like a good week to me!
Another Weight-Watchers triathlete whose weigh-ins don't go so well.... kindred spirits!

Bolder said...

that's a good week.

keep it up!

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