15 January 2006

Whew, what a day.

First off it was an absolute gorgeous day. The nicest one we've had in a month (okay, I was gone 2 weeks but you get the idea). So I decided to go for a bike ride this morning.

I decided to do 2 hours and not push it, just enjoy the ride. Boy did I!!! I ended up riding up to Laie. You may not know this but Hawaii is home to the largest Mormon Temple and mormon population outside of Utah. It's absolutely true!!! So I rode to the Mormon Temple in Laie; they had redone the roads leading in and I hadn't seen it yet. It really is beautiful. Although I'm not Mormon I can certainly appreciate a beautiful temple.

After I got back home it was just too beautiful and I decided it was a good time to go for a swim. I was entering the water, and it was cold so I was going a slow, when I stopped to put my goggles on. I'm standing there contemplating the cold of the ocean and realizing that mainland bloggers swim in cold pools and stuff all winter. I had just about convinced myself what a wimp I was being and I was preparing to dive in when suddenly I felt something bite my little toe.

Apparently I had been standing a little too close to the home of a moray eel and he decided I needed an invitation to leave. Although not poisonous or anything, that bugger hurt like crazy. Their teeth are like needles so there are 4 clean holes in my toe, 2 on top and 2 on bottom. Needless to say I got out of the water pretty quick and was afraid to get back in. So much for my swim.

After showering and going to work for a little while, I stopped and signed up at the YMCA. Rumor has it there are no eels in their pool :)

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nancytoby said...

You realize when you're talking about "nice" days and "cold" days those of us reading from the mainland in the grips of winter are rolling our eyes here....

I went in the pool in Florida when it never got above 56*F that day, you know.... :-)

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