21 February 2006

It's the last full week of the month

and I have hardly biked at all. I'm not going to make my goal (that's okay) but I've really got to get my biking in. I have a tri in 4 weeks. Not toooo worried, biking is my strongest part (no doubt due to these thunder thighs :) but I would like some time in the saddle since my butt is the hardest thing to condition.

Well, ended up resting the rest of yesterday; getting up at 3:30 a.m. just kicks my butt. Didn't get up this morning either. Yesterday afternoon I developed this pain in my back on the right side. It's just like a side stitch only in my back. I had this after the marathon and someone told me it was a deep muscle cramp. Very much like a side stitch only it wasn't the diaphram that was cramping but another muscle. What I do know is it's very annoying. I keep stretching and trying to work it out and it just won't go away.

Don't have anything tosay today. I've caught up on all my blog reading but don't think I've left any comments since I have nothing to say. Very unusual for me.

Well, I do have tons of work to do so I probably should get to it.


Backofpack said...

Good luck with the back. Sometimes rolling on a foam roll or a tennis ball helps...either that or it's a good excuse to get a massage!

La said...

Wow, so weird that you got that back pain after posting the comment on my blog about my back pain/stitch! [turn on Twilight Zone theme music] Thankfully, mine went away pretty much as soon as I stopped running. Feel better. 3:30AM - I can't. even. imagine!

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