03 February 2006

January Wrap Up......

Okay, no more negativity. From now on only positive things. The athlete in me is strong and I'm going to let her speak anytime she wants. The fat, lazy chick is going to get shut up whenever she pipes up....

My totals for January weren't too bad considering I didn't have a real plan just the desire to get out there.

Running: 28 miles
Swimming: 8350 meters
Biking: 96.8 miles

I'm pleased with those totals but I'd like to do better in February.

My goals:

Running: 35 miles
Swimming: 10,000 meters
Biking: 112 miles
Strength: 10 hours (45 minutes 3 x week)
Stretching: 15 hours (15 minutes everyday)

Later I will post those on my sidebar. I think those are completly reasonable and well within my abilities. February is going to be a really good month.


Bolder said...


you've shamed me.


on the strength and stretching!

keep it up! i need that kinda motivation.

PuddyRat said...

Flo, join us on the WW fitness challenge page and look for the "Ironman Fitness Challenge" page. We challenge you to complete all the ironman distances in the month of February. Hope to see you there!

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