09 February 2006

Quick, I need to fess up or I'm going to bury it.

Okay, here goes. Yesterday I still had remants of my 2 day old headache and it was really getting to me. I was also hungry. No, I was HUNGRY!! I could not get enough food no matter what I ate and being hungry was making the headache worse which was making me nauseaous. UGH!! It was a vicious cycle. In a weak moment I went to the store to get something to eat.

This little b*tch called to me and I didn't buy one pack like this, oh no. I bought an entire box. I then proceed to eat the entire box over the course of the day. This resulted in a total consumption of 1,800 calories. Oh my god. The worse part was at no point did I feel overstuffed or sick to my stomach. In fact, I got hungry last night. Now with hypoglycemia I can want to eat more to balance out my blood sugar but not feel hungry and in fact be stuffed and still want more. This was not the case yesterday. I clearly am going to have to work more on my eating. I've increased my training in the last couple of weeks and the only thing I can think of is that my eating is not keeping up. So it's back to the drawing board with food. This morning I feel completely normal so I think this episode is totally behind me. And of course, now that I've confessed my sins here it really is totally behind me. I can't change the past so I will just move forward with no regrets. I'm off to get ready for work and pack a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Okay, I'm off. Have a great day.


Nancy Toby said...

Omigod. I love those. Little Debbie is the Devil Incarnate.

Bolder said...

i had a similar weak moment... i had rationalized a caesar dressing that was 18g of fat per tablespoon... the rationalization was i couldn't get a low fat alternative...

i got it home, i used it once, i used it twice -- i threw it out.

that's not what i want to do with my body. felt wrong throwing it out, but felt right for my goals.


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