06 February 2006

What does it take to make it???

For those of you that may not know, I am a conservative (please don't say Republican - they piss me off!!) and I listen to a couple of talk radio shows that are conservative (oh, surprise). The one I'm listening to this morning who is talking about what it takes to become a millionaire in America today. Apparently "they" have conducted a study of folks who've made it within the past 20 years and they have a couple of traits in common. They are primarily, focus, dedication, hard work, and the courage to take chances. This really speaks to me as I am trying to get a business up and running. But, more importantly, it spoke to me regarding triathlons. In order to become the athlete I want to be requires focus (my word of the year), dedication, hard work and the courage to take chances. Oh yes, they also say you have to have a vision; I've got that! So there you have it, my deep thoughts for the day.

On to this morning's swim. WooooHoooo!!! I am so pleased with my swimming progress I can't tell you. I swam 1600 m which equals .99 miles. That is the farthest I have ever swam in my life. I didnot do it all in one shot. I did 600 m, 300 m, 4 x 100m, 4 x 50 m, plus 50 m warm up and cool down. Between these distances there were not more than 10 seconds rest. I'm doing this program that gets you swimming 1 mile in 6 weeks by pyramiding the distances and taking breaks of only a certain number of breaths. For example; I did 600 m without stopping, took a break for 10 breaths, did 300 m without stopping, took a break for 8 breaths, etc. So for the entire 1600 m I didn't really rest at all. Now I am slow, way slower then the swimming gods out there in blogland, so suffice it to say I did this almost mile in under an hour. Not great I know, but for me it's awesome. At this point I would just about make the swim cut off for a 1/2 Ironman. I have time to work up my speed but it's a good feeling to know I could do it now if I had to.

I order Total Immersion. I read people who have used it or are using it and it seems to be fairly highly recommended. I'm going to start working on my speed as soon as I get it.

Well, this is going to be a fantastic week for me, I hope it is for all of you too.


Nancy Toby said...

"Not great I know" ... what was that I read just a couple days ago in your blog about "no more negativity"???

I think that IS great!!!!! You're swimming wonderfully!

Flo said...

Nancy, you're right. No negativity. I did awesome. I am really proud of myself. I know I will only get better and better.

Shelly said...

My husband uses the Total Immersion "system." His swimming has improved dramatically. He has reduced the number of strokes he requires to swim the length of the pool by 30%. I'm not sure what its done for his speed, but he is much more efficient in the water.

Bolder said...

good job on the swim Flo!

keep it up.

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